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Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Search Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory. home add a link modify a link advanced search contact us
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.

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Alberta alcohol treatment centres

Calgary alcohol treatment centres

  • Top of the World Treatment Centres
    Top of the World Treatment Centers (TOTW-C) is a comprehensive, unique, and private addictions treatment center. We combine the best of the medical model (abstinence-based treatment) through the facilitation of evidence based intervention methods from our compassionate, highly trained staff, which knows that addictions are fully treatable and that respect for the individual client is paramount.

  • Eagle Moon Lodge
    Edge Moon Lodge serves the needs, on a fee-for-service basis, of First Nation adolescents age 12 to 17 years old with a history of suspected or known substance abuse.

  • Wood's Homes
    Currently operating more than 25 programs of care, treatment and education, Wood's works with many other agencies and community resources in dealing with more than 400 youth and their families each day. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, core residential programs are located at two centres in that city.

Cold Lake alcohol treatment centres

  • 2nd Floor Women's Recovery Centre
    The 2nd Floor Women’s Recovery Centre is a new and unique long term fee-for-service residential treatment program exclusively for women who are expectant or at risk of pregnancy and substance using, with consideration given to women of childbearing age, based on bed availability. It is designed to strengthen the woman’s physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, as well as to improve the overall health of the fetus. This 9 bed facility in Cold Lake, Alberta focuses on women challenged with addictions in order to help them develop healthy lifestyles and have healthy children in the future. It is available to women from across Alberta. We are developing new models of service delivery to meet the needs of our Clients, and treatment plans are specific to each woman and her identified needs. Minimum stay is 28 days to a maximum of 8 months: discharge will take place prior to birth.

Edmonton alcohol treatment centres

  • McDougall House association
    The McDougall House Association has been incorporated as a non-profit society since 1973. The Society was formed due to the need for women to have access to a long term residential treatment program for addictions and other compulsive behaviors. McDougall House has designed a unique three to six month treatment program to specifically meet the needs of women.

  • Poundmaker's Lodge Treatment Centres
    Poundmaker's Lodge is known as Canada's first addictions treatment centre specifically for Aboriginal clients. It has been in operation for more than 30 years. The Outpatient Centre in downtown Edmonton offers client follow-up, intervention , individual therapy.

Grande Prairie alcohol treatment centres

  • The Business and Industry Clinic
    The Business and Industry Clinic offers two residential treatment programs to Canadians. A 30 day program for alcohol and drugs or a 45 day Cocaine specific program. This clinic offers a pyramid service between us, the employer and the client in an effort to create and maintain healthy/safe work environments. Although the clinic was designed for employers to send employees to us, it is open to Canadians wishing to be abstinent from addictive substances. We provide services from medical detox, through treatment and into our follow up program for the one fee. We are a 12 Step based treatment program, while at the facility clients will work through Steps 1-5. We believe addiction affects the whole family and in order to help family healing we offer a four day family program to client's families with no added cost. Leisure counsellors are available in the afternoons for clients to learn healthy ways of spending leisure time. Our facility is located in central Grande Prairie, Alberta within walking distance of beautiful Muskoseepi Park, soccer pitch, baseball diamonds, walking track, football fields and shopping facilities. Our warm friendly environment is staffed with caring, experience and enthusiastic staff. We look forward to meeting you!

High Level alcohol treatment centres

  • Action North Recovery Centre
    Action North is a nonprofit residential treatment centre for men and women dedicated to helping people recover from alcoholism and other drug-related addictions. Located in the town of High Level, in northern Alberta, Canada.

Lacombe alcohol treatment centres

  • Serenity Ranch
    Greeting’s from Serenity Ranch at Central Alberta Recovery Centre. We are a male/female Alcohol & Drug addiction treatment facility located 30km East of Lacombe, Alberta. Our highly successful 3 and 6 week programs are based on the 12 steps and traditions of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous. Our goal is to send home better husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and to send a happy and more productive employee back to work. What makes our program unique is that all staff at Serenity Ranch are themselves in recovery.

Lethbridge alcohol treatment centres

  • Southern Alcare Manor
    Long-term substance abuse recovery residence located close to the downtown area in Lethbridge, Alberta The goal of this program is to provide a supportive living environment where clients are encouraged to develop the skills, confidence, and independence which will further them in their recovery process.

Lloydminster alcohol treatment centres

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