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Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Search Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory. home add a link modify a link advanced search contact us
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.

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Ontario drug rehab centres

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London drug rehab centres

Milton drug rehab centres

Mississauga drug rehab centres

Muskoka Falls drug rehab centres

  • Lotus Treatment Program
    Lotus Treatment Center’s resort-like setting offers the perfect setting for their services. With 50 acres of complete serenity, the center includes trails, fishing, Tennis Court, Basket Ball court, private rooms, meeting halls, gym facilities, Indoor Pool and so much more.

New Liskeard drug rehab centres

Niagara drug rehab centres

Oakville drug rehab centres

  • Halton Adapt
    The ADAPT Youth Program offers prevention, education, early intervention and treatment services for youth up to the age of 19 and young adults up to age 24. It offers assessment and treatment planning services and community treatment is provided both individually and in groups. Service is available to parents as well and a separate parents group is offered. Service is also available for youth who are living in a situation where they are exposed to someone else?s substance misuse.

Opastika drug rehab centres

  • La Maison Arc-en-Ciel Centre de Réhabilitation du Nord de l'Ontario
    Accompagner le bénéficiaire vers l'autonomie en assurant un service confidentiel de qualité. Aider les jeunes hommes francophones âgés de 12 à 24 ans, aux prises avec un problème de toxicomanie ou de troubles concomitants ( présence de troubles mentaux et de problèmes de toxicomanie.) Permettre au bénéficiaire de s'orienter vers le milieu scolaire ou de travail. Travailler conjointement avec les proches du bénéficiaire, afin d'assurer une meilleure réintégration sociale.

Oshawa drug rehab centres

Ottawa drug rehab centres

  • Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre
    A non-profit, community-based agency dedicated to helping youth, between the ages of 13-18, overcome substance abuse issues and other related challenges in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle. A full range of treatment programs and services are available - all at no charge to clients.

Pembroke drug rehab centres

Penetanguishene drug rehab centres

  • Georgianwood Concurrent Disorder Program
    Residential, Outpatient and Family Services for men and women. multi-service addiction treatment centre which provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and continuing care to both individuals and families who are experiencing problems related to substance abuse. Its core program is an 18 bed residential unit.

Peterborough drug rehab centres

  • Canadian Health Recovery Centre
    At the Canadian Health Recovery Centre, our approach is vastly different. Through new research in medicine and neuroscience, we know that while there are social-emotional factors that contribute to addictive behavior, the brain biochemistry of a person addicted to drugs or alcohol is different than the biochemistry of someone who is not dependant on drugs or alcohol. The lifestyle of a person suffering with addiction typically results in further depletion of important nutrients which, over time, worsens brain function and reinforces the dependence. Rebalancing the body on a biochemical and neurological level is a key element in lasting recovery, as it addresses the deficiencies and imbalances that often make an individual prone to addiction. Clinical data demonstrates that the biochemical approach to addictions provides a much higher (75-80%) recovery rate after 5 years – as opposed to the traditional counseling-only approach without biochemical support, which has a much lower (15-25%) recovery rate after 5 years.

  • Ozanam Community Home
    Provides housing and personal support to individuals recovering from alcoholism and / or cross addictions, with a focus on the transition from treatment to the individuals' becoming aware of their potential in the community.

Port Colborne drug rehab centres

  • New Port Centre
    Comprehensive range of services including treatment and support for people with concerns about alcohol and drugs. This includes people on methadone maintenance, people with co-existing mental health concerns, and people involved with correctional services.

Port Perry drug rehab centres

Sault Ste. Mari drug rehab centres

Stratford drug rehab centres

  • Caverhill Manor Addictions Center
    Caverhill Manor is a residential addiction recovery and wellness center located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. We incorporate a holistic approach to residential treatment that includes our extensive spa services and alternative therapies, which aid in promoting health and wellness. Our philosophy is to create an atmosphere that will inspire individual fulfillment and capacity while building a community of learning and encouragement. Our multidisciplinary treatment team is committed to promoting a holistic approach to addiction treatment, utilizing a Twelve Step framework to heal all areas that have been negatively affected by addiction.

Thamesville drug rehab centres

Thunder Bay drug rehab centres

  • Dilico Ojibway Treatment Centre
    Dilico Ojibway Child and Family Services embraces a wholistic approach in the delivery of Health, Mental Health, Addictions, and Child Welfare services to compliment the strengths, values and traditions of Anishinabek children, families, and communities.

  • New Experiences Program
    We serve 12-18 year olds who are experiencing significant drug and alcohol problems concurrent with mental health issues, including social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

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