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Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Search Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory. home add a link modify a link advanced search contact us
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.
Canadian listings of drug rehabs and alcohol treatment centres in the Canadian Drug Rehab Centres directory.

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British Columbia support groups

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Albreda support groups

Burnaby support groups

  • Charlford House Society for Women
    Long term support recovery home for adult females in Burnaby, B.C. Mission is to make it possible for alcoholic and/or chemically dependant women to embark on a program of recovery by offering leadership and guidance based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Kamloops support groups

  • Mothers for Recovery Programs
    Programs created for recovering mothers by recovering mothers. Support Group, Mentorship Program, 16 Step Women's Empowerment Group, and specialty classes for mothers in recovery. Manual available via email for other communities to start their own Mothers for Recovery Support Group.

Kelowna support groups

  • Society of St. Vincent De Paul of Central Okanagan
    We are a Second Stage Recovery Home for men who have 30 days clean & sober and have completed a treatment program in the last 2 years. Ozanam House has a holistic approach to programming to address psycho-social, physical and spiritual needs. We work with clients on Personal Transitional Service Plans to identify clients short and long terms goals.

  • Crossroads Treatment Centre
    For over 30 years, Crossroads Treatment Centre Society has worked to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their families. We have come to embrace a non-judgmental, holistic, wellness model treatment program addressing all the bio-psycho-social complexities of addiction. We offer an effective, life changing program supported by the Best Practices in treating Concurrent Disorders, Addiction and Mental Health. The Crossroads' facility includes Men's and Women's Treatment, Withdrawal Management, Men's Supportive Housing and Outpatient Services.

Langley support groups

  • LDR Holistic Treatment Inc.
    We offer the most affordable private drug & alcohol rehab in Canada, providing a number of flexible services designed to meet and exceed industry, community, and individual needs. We strongly believe the words: ACCESSIBILITY, SERVICE & QUALITY! Our unique Addiction Treatment Program enables profound healing from chemical dependencies designed around the individual, embracing various modalities of rehabilitation including comprehensive 12-step principles, relapse prevention, and other behavioral and holistic methods

Nanaimo support groups

  • LifeRing Secular Recovery
    LifeRing is a secular (non-religious) support group for people who want to live free of alcohol and drugs. Based on sobriety, secularity, and self-help, the group seeks to encourage the 'sober self' of each member to take a stronger role in their life. Provides a safe, supportive, resource-rich environment where participants design and build their own tailor-made recovery programs, in accordance with their personality, culture, gender, lifestyle, and history. No higher power, no steps, no sponsor, no guilt, no labelling yourself an addict or alcoholic. For more information e-mail or call1.877.752.1058 Meetings are Tuesdays at 3:00 PM at the Mental Health and Addictions Center at 3151 Barons Road

  • Edgewood Treatment Center
    Provides addictions treatment, education, training, and support to individuals, families, and workplaces including medical detoxification, extended care, continuing care and a family therapy program. Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Mark Giesbrecht, MA, RCC
    Mark Giesbrecht is a Registered Clinical Counsellor working in the addiction field. Although Mark has worked with Alcohol and Drug addictions for many years he also specializes in Sexual Addictions, Internet and Gaming Addiction, Problem Gambling and concurrent disorders.

New Westminster support groups

  • Westminster House
    Westminster House is a non-profit organization funded through the Fraser Health Authority, Addiction Services, contributions through community groups and private donations. Westminster House provides education through individual & group sessions with an emphasis on 12 Step recovery. Our clients stay a minimum of 3 months and are referred by Drug & Alcohol Counsellors.

Port Moody support groups

  • Addiction Services - SHARE Society
    Our program provides assessment as well as individual, couple, family and group counselling for anyone who has taken a stand against substance misuse in their life or for those who are supporting loved ones who are standing-up to substance abuse.

Squamish support groups

Surrey support groups

  • Cardinal Recovery Services
    Cardinal Recovery is an all Nations, 8 bed, recovery facility for teen girls ages 13-18 struggling with addiction. We use a combination of individual and group counselling, 12-step philosophy and experiential learning to empower our clients.

Vancouver support groups

  • Candace Plattor Consultants
    Candace Plattor, M.A., RCC “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.” Are you struggling with addictive behaviours or are you close to someone who is? If you are having trouble with any Addictive Behaviour such as Substance Misuse, Eating Disorders, Gambling, Smoking, Internet Addiction, Compulsive Overspending or Relationship Addiction, you have come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience in the Addictions Counselling field, I can help you overcome your need to use your addictive behaviours. Counselling with a skilled professional gives you the opportunity to resolve your problems in a safe place. Addictive behaviours actually cover up unresolved feelings such as sadness, anger, resentment, and feelings of low self-worth. As we work together in therapy, we will uncover the deeper reasons for your unhealthy choices. You will then be able to eliminate your need to engage in destructive addictive behaviours. Counselling will also help you become aware of the solutions that will work best for who you uniquely are. Our goal in therapy is to overcome problematic addictive patterns and help you make more positive life choices. I provide therapy and counselling services for the Greater Vancouver area including Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. I also provide Telephone Counselling for clients who are live outside of the Vancouver area or who unable to attend sessions in person. Phone: 604-677-5876

  • Angels Community Support Network
    Angels Community Support Network is a community of professional healthcare, treatment and counselling providers who have come together in strength and wisdom, unity and community to provide one place for people to find help with addiction recovery and aftercare & Wellness. THIS IS WHO WE ARE: An Addictions & Treatment Rehab Resource Centre offering both community and private Treatment Centers, Counsellors, Addiction Doctors, Clinics and other important resources for the journey to recovery. You will find answers, sources and solutions for the Employer and Employee in our special section, Addictions in the Workplace. We include Canada’s only Drug and Alcohol Referral Centre for private treatment centers and counsellors as well as many resources for Post Treatment Care. We are proud of our dedicated Angels Network News section bringing you up to date news for Adults and Youth from Canada and around the world. We boast the largest collection of Important Articles on Addiction in captivity. Meet many who have walked the walk to recovery in our Voices and Faces section full of real people and their testimonies. Share time and wisdom with our `Best of the Best` addictions counsellors at `Counsellors Corner` and our communities latest happenings at Highlights & Special Mentions. Our whole purpose is to serve those that suffer from addiction including men & women, youth, families at home and the workplace. Call 604-677-6565

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